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★ Detachment from the world- of- objects is never possible without attaching ourselves with something nobbler and divine.- Swami Chinmayananda ★
Mon 25-Sep-2023



In the K.G. section, a revolutionary change has been introduced breaking a new ground. This is quite in line with the thinking of modern educational psychologists and also in conformity with the UNICEF and WHO suggestions, emphasizing ‘Ready to Study’ Skills (123 nos.), Communication Skills (15 nos.), Life Skills (11 nos.) and Value – based education with a thrust given on environment and nature study.

The curriculum for classes I to IV include:

English, Malayalam/Kannada, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computer Education, Art Education, Life Skills, Value Education, Physical Education, General Knowledge, Music and Bala Vihar

The curriculum for classes V to VIII is prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

The subjects are:

Classes V – VIII

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Third Language : Malayalam/Kannada
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Value Education
  • Life Skills
  • Work Experience (Computer Science)
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Art Education

(Drawing & Painting, Music) Sanskrit is also taught specially.