Thought for the day
★ The ego survives in us so long as we entertain thoughts.- Swami Chinmayananda ★
Sun 03-Dec-2023


CHYK Is Global!


Slowly, as the tidal waves of inspiration swept our glorious nation of India, the rest of the world heard the clarion call, the roars of inspired youth led by the lion-like personality of Gurudev resonating across the shores from the subcontinent. The need for this movement to spread across the continents was made clear, and thus began a new chapter in the story of Chinmaya Yuva Kendra.

Spreading to the far reaches of the globe in the east and the west, CHYK’s presence grew stronger in North America and Australia. England, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong and New Zealand were some of the other countries to embrace Swami Chinmayananda's ideals with open minds and arms, as the formidable army of the Chinmaya Mission youth grew stronger with every passing year.