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Sun 25-Sep-2022



This is to inform all parents that all exams have been cancelled till class seven due to government order. There will be no changes in class VIII examination.

Download Term 2 / Annual Exam 2019-20 Question Papers:

○ LKG (Term-3) - Download

○ UKG (Term-3) - Download

○ CLASS I (Term-2)- Download

○ CLASS II (Term-2) - Download

○ CLASS III (Term-2) - Download

○ CLASS IV (Term-2) - Download

○ CLASS V (Term-2) - Download

○ CLASS VI (Annual Exam) - Download

○ CLASS VII (Annual Exam) - Download

Note: Answer papers can be submitted to the class teachers on 01.06.2020 on the day of reopening.


Parent as an Invigilator

The following steps can be followed by the parents:

Step1- Download the question paper.

Step2- Prepare the date-sheet (Max. one day one exam).

Step3- Give revision if needed.

Step4- Conduct the exam

Step5- Collect the answer sheet

Step6- Keep it safe

Step7- Send with your ward on reopening day.